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US Proxy plans

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ProxiesDescriptionMonthly fee
5 5 dedicated US IP addresses, for tiny projects and development 30$ monthly Order
15 15 dedicated US IP addresses, for small projects and development 80$ monthly Order
30 30 dedicated US IP addresses 145$ monthly Order
60 60 dedicated US IP addresses 225$ monthly Order
120 120 dedicated US IP addresses, well suited to start your data mining project 355$ monthly Order
200 200 dedicated US IP addresses 525$ monthly Order
500 500 dedicated US IP addresses, for large scaled scraping projects 1295$ monthly Order
More IPs, upgrades, additional proxy processes, questions ? contact
Please provide a detailed description about your project within your account profile. Just open a ticket if you have questions.

Our service in detail

  • High quality USA IPs without abusive history.
  • Dedicated pool of IPs allocated to your account.=, guaranteed without sharing among our customers.
  • This service is paid monthly through a PayPal subscription, you may end the monthly billing cycle at any time.
  • Many geographic locations from various cities within the USA, you may select your locations during the order process.
  • We provide a simple HTTP API to power your tools and scripts, simple integration.
  • Dynamic IP authorization, SOCKS and HTTP protocol available
  • A powerful web based Control Center to easily manage and use your proxies.
  • By default you receive one proxy process, this means you can use one IP at a time and rotate it easily.
    More proxy processes can be ordered for a small monthly fee.
  • Our service can be used for legal activities only, ask us before order if in doubts.

To obtain a proxy Plan please first register for an account.